Month: September 2018

The Latest in Stroke Treatment

Dr. Paul Saphier is a neurosurgeon at Atlantic NeuroSurgical Specialists (ANS). Dr. Saphier is board-certified in neurosurgery and fellowship-trained in endovascular neurosurgery. He specializes in stroke, aneurysms, vascular malformations and acoustic neuromas.

ANS is a leader in the war against stroke. They have pioneered many leading-edge technologies that revolutionized the way stroke is treated – including the Trevo® Pro Retriever, the Apollo™ System, the Penumbra System™ and the Solitaire™ FR Device.

Their success rate with these options is significantly greater than the national average. Their commitment to developing comprehensive stroke centers throughout the state of New Jersey – and their ongoing involvement in clinical trials – advance their evergreen quest to discover new, advanced therapies and technologies.